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92% Check Online Reviews

Did you know that 92% of adult consumers check online reviews before making a purchase? Without a steady flow of positive reviews your marketing efforts are doomed to fail. We have a tool that allows you to automate the feedback requests to your customers. It then funnels the positive feedback to review submission sites, while routing negative feedback to a customer service survey. The tool also allows for automatic syndication and promotion of your positive reviews. Here are some of the key benefits of using The Best Review Tool:

  1. Get more positive reviews
  2. Get less negative reviews
  3. Real-time alerts of new feedback and reviews
  4. Learn how to improve your business
  5. Get better rankings in Google’s Local Maps listings
  6. Share positive reviews on your social media
  7. Show the most recent positive reviews on your website
  8. Your own micro page – more chances to be found
  9. Build an email database that can be filtered on positive or negative feedback
  10. Automated feedback funnels

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Some Screenshots Of Our Best Review Tool

Here are just a few screenshots of our great tool for getting more feedback
and better reviews – a true Reputation Marketing Tool:

Email Alerts

Email Alerts


Mobile Alerts

Sharing & Promotion

A Walkthrough Of The Software